Sell My Property Tips: How to prepare your home for the spring rush

    If you want to sell your house fast , then spring is the time to do it: the market is at its busiest during the spring bounce, with buyers turning out to look for properties in the warm post-winter weather. But with lots of buyers come lots of sellers, as the market responds to the increased demand. Spring may be your best shot at selling, but it's also the time when you face the most competition.

    So it's crucial to get your house at its best to take advantage of the spring bounce – and the way to do that is update your listing.

    Here are Sell My Property 's tips to preparing your house for the spring rush:

    Say it with flowers

    Spring is the time when flowers appear outside, but that doesn't mean you can't have them inside as well. Place freshly cut flowers, such as daffodils or something else seasonal, around the property to create a warm, positive vibe – yellow is a good colour – and then take new photos of your property for your online listing. Once you have an enquiry and arranged a viewing, get the flowers out again to seal the deal.

    Wash the windows

    With the skies outside getting brighter, make sure your house benefits from the improving light. Clean windows and doors will let more sun into your living room or bedroom, making it easier for buyers to imagine your home as a holiday destination – nobody likes the idea of buying overseas property in a grey, miserable hole.

    Clean the garden

    Once you've done your spring cleaning inside, make sure you do the outside too. A tidy garden will improve any outdoors photos that you take, while simultaneously ensuring that an in-person buyer's first impression of the property is as good as it gets.

    Think light colours

    Just like the flowers, bright, positive colours are an effective addition to your home's interior decor. Neutral, white paint on the walls or something similar makes your rooms seem much bigger, while also optimising the impact from those sparkling windows.

    Look up the competition

    It's not just about updating your photos. With competition increasing from other sellers on the market, online property portals make it easier to check out your rivals. View their listings and see what they have done to refresh their property – most importantly, whether they've changed the price. Then adjust yours accordingly.

    Be flexible

    Buyers are looking at a lot of houses at this time of year, so be prepared to be flexible: the right price can make you stand out from the crowd, but being open to negotiation separates the attention-grabbers from the deal-closers.

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