Ship or Sell When Moving Abroad?

One of the most important questions and considerations when you're moving abroad is whether to take your belongings with you. Families can easily have a whole house full of furniture before the move, and it's often difficult to work out whether it's cheaper to sell everything, and buy new items when you get there, or ship everything over.

One of the main points is that, on average, it costs around £3500 to move a house's contents to Australia. The price can vary quite a lot, so this is only a rough guide, but it does give a basis to work on. You can usually work out approximately how much you might make by selling all of your belongings buy looking at online auction sites. Again, using the internet you can find out how much it will cost to buy all of the things you need when you get to the destination. Compare this information to an accurate shipping quote, and you shouldn't have too much trouble deciding which the cheaper option is. Usually, selling the contents of your house, and buying all new stuff saves money, but the choice isn't that straightforward.

The issue is that it's far more work to try to sell and buy everything than it is to use an international removals company. It's very time consuming to list everything you've got online or in a newspaper, and you don't know that you'll be able to sell everything, especially if your house is large. The other problem is arriving in your new home. There are many essentials and items of furniture that you'll have to buy almost immediately, which adds to the stress of moving.

The only real way to decide which option is best is to get a quote for your removal, and then accurately work out prices against the hassle involved. Of course, you may also have large items of sentimental value, which cannot be sold. In these cases, you'll have to use a removals company. specialise in international removals , and have expert packers to make sure that delicate goods are safe and secure.

Removals are usually the easiest option, and offer a much smoother transition from one country to another. Unless you have a small home, and can do without some furniture and appliances temporarily, it's usually best to have your belongings shipped.