Europe’s hottest property secret?

Slovenia has come a long way since it broke free from the shackles of Yugoslavia in 1991…

With some of the continent’s most dramatic mountain scenery, a stretch of balmy Adriatic coast and prices that are favourable when compared to the UK, Slovenia offers a compelling cocktail, claims

It may not yet be hitting the property headlines that its neighbour Croatia has been grabbing, but this little unspoilt gem has plenty to recommend it, with sweeping Alpine peaks in the north giving way to lush plains in the east and a slice of Mediterranean living in the south.

Within a couple of hours you can go from skiing at high altitude to relaxing as you savour a fresh seafood platter and soak up the sea views. This ‘Europe in Miniature’ has something to suit everyone, from adrenaline sports in pristine scenery and gastronomic feasts on the country’s plentiful organic produce to quality domestic wines and bountiful health spas.

Buying property in Slovenia has become easier since EU membership and the recent introduction of the euro means that the process is even more transparent, as you don’t have to worry about making tricky currency exchange calculations.

So why choose Slovenia as a Country?*

  • Unspoilt, cherished Beauty

  • One of Europe’s lowest crime rates.

  • So much to do in summer or winter.

  • Great inexpensive skiing compared to other countries.

  • Ski in three countries in one day with one ski pass! (Italy, Austria and Slovenia)

  • Easily reached from the UK, Easyjet fly into Ljubljana, Ryanair fly into Graz and Klagenfurt in Austria, just over the border, and Trieste in Italy again just over the border, so you have around four airports in or just around Slovenia making access very easy.

  • Friendly, helpful, courteous people.

  • Compared to the UK it’s inexpensive.

  • Strong economy, one of the fastest growing in Europe.

  • Stable country, member of the EU and NATO, adopted the Euro in 2007.

  • Such places as Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Croatia just minutes or a few hours away.

  • Traffic heaven, no gridlock or congestion.

  • Relaxed and slower pace of life.

Why choose Slovenia to invest in?

All the above plus:

  • Excellent property prices!

  • Quick, usually simple transaction procedures.

  • Safe, secure buying, all details are held at central Land registry, making ownership rights clearly visible unlike some other countries.

  • Safe, secure legal procedures, protecting the buyer (and seller) through the process.

  • Steadily rising market, in some areas rising very quickly.

  • Great potential for capital growth.

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