Rick Grimes’ house from The Walking Dead finds a buyer

The Walking Dead returns to our screens tonight for the start of a seventh season. As the series prepares to bid farewell to a major character, thanks to a close encounter with “Lucille”, Rick Grimes is also preparing to part ways with his old house.

Of course, Rick isn’t on the phone with his agent negotiating a real estate deal while sitting on the floor in front of Negan, but in real life, the home that played his house has just found a buyer. Located on Cherokee Avenue in Atlanta, where the show is filmed, the property was featured in the first season of AMC’s zombie smash hit, right at the very start of the undead epidemic.

The home looks far more impressive in real life, without zombies crawling around the garden and no traces of a recently-fled family seeking to escape the rising of the dead. But the property isn’t afraid to embrace its on-screen history, with the listing proudly boasting that “Sheriff Rick slept here”.

Built in the 1800s, the Victorian property spans a sizeable 2,156 square feet and was completely renovated back in 2013 to include modern conveniences and energy efficient features (and to get rid of all those pesky zombies). It sits pretty just across the street from Grant Park, with spacious rooms, 11-foot ceilings and two original working fireplaces betraying its historical roots, complimenting the new chef’s kitchen, marble master bath and French doors opening onto a huge covered rear deck.

With three beds and two baths to boot, its current owner snapped it up in a foreclosure auction in October 2014 for a bargain $200,000, before listing it in June 2016 with an asking price of $659,900 – more than three times its last sold price of $177,000 back in 2008. The new asking price was lowered a month later to $629,900, which was enough of a discount to attract a buyer. In September, an offer was made on the home, with the sum accepted by the seller. As Season 7 of AMC’s series promises to get even darker, at least one part of The Walking Dead has met with a happy ending.

Photo: Zillow