Spain and Croatia look popular for holiday home rentals in 2012

More Spanish holiday home owners are looking to rent out their properties this summer with data showing that the supply of holiday rental accommodation in Spain grew sharply in the last quarter of 2011.

Demand from holiday makers has stayed strong, according to the UK’s largest holiday home rentals website HomeAway. Its latest report shows that Spain is the tenth best performing market in terms of growth in inventory on its website, the first time the country entered the top ten last year.

Due to the tough resale market in 2011 it would seem more Spanish holiday homeowners looked to rent out their properties to help cover costs, it suggests. Now, as property prices are largely thought to have bottomed out, Spain is again becoming one of the most attractive investment options for Brits.

The country also performed well on the demand side too. Overall, booking enquiries for Spain in 2011 were up 27% compared to 2010 and Malaga was the fifth most popular destination for holidays in the last quarter of the year.