Spotlight on Brazil: Bahia

This month, the world’s eyes turn to Brazil, as it hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics. But there is more to Brazil than just Rio de Janeiro. And so, in honour of the Rio games, is having its own marathon – a month-long tour of Brazil’s lesser known property hotspots.

The first location in this series is the north eastern province of Bahia. Located on the Atlantic coast, this region is home to the country’s biggest bay, The Bay of All Saints, and some gorgeous coastline with beautiful beaches. Away from the hustle and bustle of Rio, this is where you can find the undiscovered side of Brazil, with towns such as Trancoso subject to strict planning laws that keep its colourful buildings under two storeys high – perfect for those seeking a room with a view – and large hotel chains at arm’s length.

The region is also well known as a major manufacturing source, which makes land plots a valuable option for commercial real estate.

1. Trancoso, Bahia – 3 Bed House

Asking Price: £236,184
Located in Latin America’s most exclusive resort, Terravista, this lovely, modern house is a perfect holiday home. Ownership includes access to the 18 hole golf course, private beach access, 24/24 security and private airport services.

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2. Trancoso, Bahia – 4 Bed House

Asking Price: £666,870

Another Terravista villa, this time with a handsome swimming pool in a back garden that backs onto the beach. Sensitive design means this property blends into its environment and brings in plenty of natural light.

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3. Trancoso, Bahia – Land for sale

Asking Price: £1,123,150

Who wouldn’t want a 30 hectare plot with views of the sea and a view over a famous Buffalo Farm? It’s only 8km from Trancoso’s historic centre. There’s also a rather charming little summer house on the plot that could be converted for residence or might make a fun social hub or restaurant.

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4. Trancoso, Bahia – 10 Bed Apartment

Asking Price: £5,849,740

This is a unique beachfront estate on a 28m2 plot with a brilliant suite of amenities. Featuring fantastic landscaping, a lake, tropical gardens and a uniquely designed swimming pool. The property is comprised of 10 bedrooms, divided into 5 separate villas, with dining areas, service areas and a beach lounge.

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5. Trancoso, Bahia – Beachfront Farm

Asking Price: £10,997,511

This historic farm by the sea in Southern Bahia spans 676 hectares in total, surrounded by palm trees. The nearest town is Trancoso, 20km along the coast and 200km by road. The farm is packed with the usual facilities, as well as additional amenities, including a marina, chapel and a windmill.

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