St Lucia named by Telegraph as property safe haven

The spectacular Caribbean island of St Lucia, renowned worldwide for its idyllic beaches, relaxed lifestyle and crystal-clear waters, has recently been named by the Telegraph as an overseas property safe haven. With an impressive 350,000 sun-seekers visiting the 238m2 island annually and five star tourism ever-popular, it’s little wonder that this jewel of the Caribbean continues to be considered a solid investment hotspot.

Telegraph journalist Graham Norwood explains, "This Caribbean island has long been popular with Britons. There are rugged mountains, rainforests and coral reefs. Barbados, but with lower prices." Easily accessible from the United States, the UK and across Europe, St. Lucia enjoys a luxurious climate, friendly locals and a wonderful coastline which draws in increasing numbers of visitors year-on-year.

When considering property investment on this beautiful island, the Telegraph recommends that you research the more popular locations on the island and select high end properties in this setting.

"The best tactic is still to purchase more expensive homes in prime locations. This means you will see the best the country has to offer, and your investment stands a better chance of securing good returns."