Staycations out of favour

The so-called staycation, which saw millions of British people say in the country for their holidays last year, looks to have fallen from favour…

Sales of travel guides on suggest that holidays in Orlando, Florida and Morocco might be higher on people's dream destinations than camping in the Norfolk Broads., the website, has released the top ten most popular travel books sold so far this year, and only one of them is a guide to Britain. This compares with four at the same stage last year.

According to the Office for National Statistics, there was a 15 per cent fall in the number of Britons who travelled overseas during 2009. But recent surveys suggest that many holidaymakers caught out by the wet weather in Britain last summer are considering seeking sun abroad this year.

The best selling travel guides last year featured guides to walking and camping in Britain. This year Morocco makes an appearance as well as guides to China, New Zealand and Australia.

Amy Worth, head of books buying at, said: "Last year we saw a significant increase in sales of travel books featuring towns and regions within the UK but this year you can see a clear shift towards books that explore more exotic holiday destinations.

"This move may be a result of the poor weather we experienced again last summer in the UK, or it might even be viewed as more economical to travel outside Europe given current exchange rates. The fact that only two European destinations feature in the top ten would seem to support this."

John DeVial, at the Association of British Travel Agents, said: "This year customers are not deserting the UK but many are looking to travel to exotic long haul destinations.

"India is certainly reasserting its magic appeal and travellers to Thailand, the number one long haul success story of the last 10 years, are now looking to visit other countries in Indo-China."

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