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    Now is the time to get your website ready for the New Year revival, with offering an SEO service designed to help you plan and implement the right strategy to attract more buyers when the market bounces…

    We all know that things are quiet right now and it's tough to justify dipping into the pockets to spend money.

    But once Christmas is out of the way, interest levels will surge – they always do.

    The chart above shows search volume trends for property terms over the last three years.

    It's clear that the overseas property market is highly seasonal and tails off during the final quarter, with activity jumping sharply as January gets out of the way.

    Act Now or Miss Out

    Investment returns from SEO are probably the highest of all marketing activities right now – pound for pound, euro for euro, or dollar for dollar, nothing else can deliver you leads as cheaply as ranking number one for a relevant term.

    But achieving those results takes an initial investment and results don't happen overnight, so it's no use waiting until the New Year to make sure your SEO strategy is in place.

    The Solution

    Good SEO companies are hard to find, particularly with knowledge of the property sector.

    The SEO service from is a strategic solution that builds on nearly 10 years of Internet market experience in the international property industry.

    Thus, it delivers genuine insight and real long term value.

    For a fixed fee of £2950 , we will conduct a 5-stage Review plan, which covers the following:

    Property Product Review

    Website SWOT Analysis

    Keyword Universe Creation

    Optimal Phrase Selection

    Competition Assessment

    This would lead to a series of recommendations and an SEO Implementation Plan , which covers:

    On Site Recommendations

    Link Building Strategies & Tactics

    At this point, you can then either commission us to put the plan into action, or implement it internally.

    Depending on the scope and extent of work to be done, we work to budgets of £500, £1000, £2000, or £5000 for the initial implementation plan, with the same figures for ongoing work if this is also required.

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