Super Bus: China gives straddling bus a test drive

Remember the bizarre bus concept Chinese designers unveiled earlier this year to straddle the country’s congested roads? Not only has China built it: it is now giving it a test run.

The futuristic bus runs on rails on either side of the road at an elevated height (its official name is “Transit Elevated Bus”), which allows cars under two metres in height to pass underneath it. With capacity for up to 300 passengers, the electric vehicle can transport a large number of people while reducing the number of cars on the road.

The first test for the bus took place in Hebei province this week, with the vehicle operating on a small segment of road.

Pictures: Xinhua News Agency

Straddling bus: China’s new cure for congestion?

27th May 2016

How do you cure congestion and pollution in one of the world’s most crowded countries? China may have the answer – and the answer is not what you might expect.

New China TV this week showcased the idea of a new “straddling bus”, which designers hope will reduce congestion and traffic in Chengzhou. The premise is simple: the gigantic, multi-storey bus will be elevated above the ground so that cars can drive underneath it, allowing passengers to travel up to 37 miles per hour without adding more vehicles on the road.

The bus would run on a set of dedicated rails on either side of the road, which could be built at around 60 per cent of the cost of digging and building a subway system. The company Transit Explore Bus is helping to build them, with testing set to begin at the end of this summer – just in time for everyone else around the world to be jealous during their September school runs.