Ten years younger

A decade after winning the competition for Ecological Design in the Tropics, the EDITT Tower, a vision of Architects T R Hamzah & Yeang, is finally set to be realized in the city-state of Singapore…

The 26-storey building was designed to be an oasis in the heart of the business district's bustling urban landscape. With vegetated terraces of indigenous plants running up the tower's façade, all the way to the top floor, the EDITT Tower puts Mother Nature amidst the heights of downtown Singapore's towering skyscrapers.

Inside the tower, which will accommodate retail outlets and exhibition facilities, a green philosophy mirrors the design of the building's exterior, with a host of ecological features coming together to create functional architecture with an environmental conscience.

Rainwater collection and water reuse will cover 55 per cent of the building's needs. Sewage waste will be recycled in the form of compost and bio-fuel, and 40 per cent of the building's energy will be generated by its own solar panels. 

Source: www.luxury-insider.com