The Egypt travel advice you need to know

Egypt is one of the most popular winter-sun destinations for British holidaymakers. How much danger are they in – and what are the options for people planning to go?

What is the Foreign Office saying?

“We continue to advise against all but essential travel to Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Suez. We recommend that British nationals without a pressing need to be in Cairo, Alexandria or Suez leave by commercial means, where it is safe to do so."

How many British travellers are in the areas the Foreign Office has put off-limits?

There is a handful in Luxor, at the start or end of a Nile river trip, and some in Cairo – which is the main starting point for many travellers on trips through Egypt. The other two cities on the Foreign Office warning list – Alexandria and Suez – have very few tourists. By going into an area against Foreign Office advice, most travel insurance policies are invalidated.

Most British holidaymakers in Egypt are at Red Sea resorts. Are they at risk?

Not according to the Foreign Office and Britain's biggest holiday companies, Thomson and Thomas Cook. Most are on the Sinai Peninsula, a very different region to the rest of Egypt.  

Source: The Independent