The eXpat Files: There’s more to Italy than Naples and Venice

Only an hour from the sea (or – if you prefer – the mountains) and just over 45 minutes from Venice, it’s a great base from which to explore the country’s finer things. With great cuisine and the quiet countryside on the doorstep, though, The Watsons soon found there’s more to Italy than Naples…


We sat down with Mr. Watson in his semi-detached home to quiz him about everything an expat in Italy needs to know:

The area is ideal for bird-watching, especially in the Spring.
What is your name?

Robin Watson
What is your occupation?

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
Where do you live?

In Orgiano, a small town in the Veneto region of Italy
How long have you lived there?

Since 2002
Where did you live before then?

We lived in Frome in the UK
Why did you move?

Because I wanted to open a small language school in the town where my wife, who is Italian , lives.
What’s the weather like?

The summers are hot and sunny, the winters can be quite cold.
What do you like most about your property?

I love the silence. The house is situated in the countryside. In Spring, the dawn chorus is a spectacular way to wake up!

C aption: There is the potential to divide the house into two separate apartments.
Are there many tourists in the area?

The tourists are mostly found in Venice, Verona and Lake Garda, all within an hour’s drive or less
Do you know many other expats in the area?

What’s your favourite part about living in the area?

The peace and quiet, the proximity to the wine producing areas and local restaurants
Do you think the eurozone crisis has affected you at all?

Not really, as I currently work in the Middle East.
How do you feel about the Italian economy / housing market in the wake of the recent elections?

I don’t think it has affected our property, as being in a particular location, nothing has really changed.

Caption: The property has a double garage attached to the house. The garden is well cared for, and includes two olive trees and a 200 year old almond tree.
If you had to give three tips to someone moving into the area, what would they be?

Learn the Italian language, as without it you will miss out on things. Secondly, enjoy the countryside and local area. It isn’t necessary to find beautiful places. Thirdly, Italy is not all about Naples, Venice and other famous places. What makes it so attractive are the little festivals held in the villages throughout the year, called “Sagre”. Here you can enjoy local cuisine at very reasonable prices
Why are you selling your home?

We are selling because the house is too big for the two of us. The children have left home, and due to my work, I spend more time away than at home.
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