The home where the Battle of Britain was won

There aren’t many homes that can be described as heroic, but Bentley Priory, in north-west London, is different. It’s the house that saved the world. For it was behind its elegant full-length windows, and beneath its gorgeous domed ceiling, that, in 1940, the Battle of Britain was planned, run and eventually won.

Operating around the clock, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding and his staff took in vast amounts of information about approaching German bombers, and used it to deploy the nation’s aerial defences, in the form of the courageous, young Spitfire and Hurricane pilots known as The Few.

Time, then, for those lion-hearted chaps to perform one last victory roll, with the news that their erstwhile HQ has been given a whole new lease of life.

What’s more, the rescue isn’t going to cost the taxpayer a penny, as the project is being funded by an imaginative new housing scheme, whereby the grounds are to be dotted with tasteful clusters of new town houses, while the priory is going to have smart apartments on the upper floors and a Battle of Britain Museum on the ground floor.  

Source: Daily Telegraph