Living and Working in Hong Kong

Thinking of moving to live or work in Hong Kong ?  You need to read this essential guide before taking the plunge…

Hong Kong has an unashamed reputation for hardcore materialism and freewheeling capitalism. But money is not the only reason that many people go there. Hong Kong offers a fantastic living and working experience.

You may be a young single expat going there to work and play; or a couple with a young family needing to address safety, health and education issues on top of everyday living; or you are looking to put away savings for their retirement.

Whatever your reasons for planning to live and work in Hong Kong, ‘ Living and Working in Hong Kong ’ will tell you all you need to know to make the most of your time in this vibrant and challenging city.

Rachel Wright lived and worked in Hong Kong for many years, and has also enjoyed living and working in Beijing . She has written on education and social issues for the South China Morning Post.

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