Thousands to leave UK for New Zealand construction boom?

Photo: Keno McDonnell

The National Construction Pipeline recently reported a 10 per cent per annum growth in New Zealand for four years, leading to an unprecedented level of building and construction work.
The report, which is determined from economic forecasts and data from public and private sectors, predicts nationwide growth. The main driver is Auckland, which is set to see a 150 per cent increase in housing demand over the next five years.
Paul Arthur, managing director at Chester based The Emigration Group said: “New Zealand is on the brink of a property and construction boom, with a predicted 150 per cent rise in housing demand in the next five years in some cities. This will fuel migration from the UK as New Zealand seeks to fill skills shortages with British workers.”
The boom is also having a positive effect on the property market which will lead to further jobs for migrants. According to job site Seek, real estate and property jobs rose by 29 per cent last year.