Tina Fey buys apartment above her

Tina Fey has already been house-hunting this year – but didn’t travel very far to do it. The comedian has rocketed to worldwide fame and acclaim through her work on 30 Rock, not to mention hosting the Golden Globes with longtime friend and collaborator Amy Poehler. But as awards season strikes up once again, she will instead by sitting at home to watch the ceremony – from one of two possible living rooms.

Fey moved into her current pad way back in 2009, a 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath flat in Manhattan where she lives with her family. The home has everything you could want, to the point where Tina came up with a novel solution to the age-old house-hunting dilemma: buying the almost identical apartment directly above her.

Why? It is because she got tired of noisy neighbours living upstairs? Because she wants more space for her family? Because she wanted to take after her character in her sitcom, who does exactly the same thing? Or simply because she really loves the building? Either way, she can now enjoy an additional two fireplaces and four bedrooms in her mini-real estate empire.

She paid $9.5 million for the apartment, reports Zillow.