Tiny London flat let in 40 minutes

Photo: EJ Harris / Telegraph

The flat, located in Mayfair, spanned just 301 square feet: the size of a bathroom or a shed in other, more substantial estates. Nonetheless, the apartment flew off the shelf in a potentially record-breaking 40 minutes.

Letting agent EJ Harris received over 200 enquiries about the property within 15 minutes of the apartment going live, said the company, despite its costly rate of £1,560 per month and diminutive living space.

Within half an hour, five series offers had been submitted. The winning tenant, though, secured the deal by paying £10,000 in advance – without even viewing the property. The fee covered the deposit for the tenancy, in addition to six month’s rent up front, as well as the agency’s management fees.

She moved in just two hours later.

“The speed of this deal and the battle to secure the tenancy is the clearest indicator yet to me how buoyant and hot London’s letting market is at present,” Elizabeth Harris, Managing Director of E J Harris, told the press .

“If it was a swanky flat in Mayfair’s posh western district I would expect it to fly out of the door, but this is an “ordinary Londoner” apartment on the eastern Soho border by Regent Street. Its the ordinary nature of this that makes it so extraordinary.”

The tenant in question is a manager of a five-star hotel in London, who was looking for a home in the nearby area. Not wanting to buy, though, she insisted upon a six-month tenancy, which the agents were all too happy to accept.

The property in question boasts a open plan kitchen and dining area, as well as a separate bedroom with a wardrobe and a shower room. It is not the first time a small London property has been snapped up by eager tenants, though: last summer, a shoebox apartment was rented out within hours , despite not having room to open the kitchen cupboard doors because the bed was in the way. It was removed from the market by Islington council because it was too small to meet legal requirements.