#TMCWorldCup Match of the Day: Croatia vs Mexico



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Following our World Cup predictions , which forecast an overall victory for the USA, TheMoveChannel.com follows the FIFA tournament through every stage, highlighting a property Match of the Day.

At a glance, Croatia vs Mexico looks like just another #TMCWorldCup match between two small outsiders. Neither can match Brazil or USA’s soaring price rises. Neither received more than 1 per cent of enquiries in 2013. Look closer, though, and you can see the potential for a much bigger market forming…

Croatia joined the EU last summer, a move that – despite ongoing financial concerns – was hailed as a boost to the country’s tourism market. Indeed, across the whole of 2013, tourist arrivals totalled 2.43 million, 5.5 per cent higher than 2012, as overseas visitors – and buyers – become increasingly aware of what it has to offer. Indeed, vacation hotspots such as Dubrovnik drive the property market, which has already begun to see its international appeal improve: there were 920 searches on Google for property in Croatia in May 2014, significantly more than the 90 for property in Mexico.

Croatia has responded in kind, with 2,595 listings currently live on TheMoveChannel.com, another significant step above the 12 in Mexico. While the Central American country is enjoying a strong economic, with house price growth of 5 per cent year-on-year, Croatia’s falling prices (a trend that is slowing down) will only help to boost its attractiveness.

With both markets receiving fewer than 1 per cent of enquiries, Croatia appear to be ranked at a similar level. Croatia’s 0.98 per cent of enquiries, though, is almost 11 times the size of Mexico’s 0.11. Take a closer at the pair and it is clear that Croatia is well positioned to join the European big boys in future years. Croatia: 3. Mexico: 2.


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What do the figures mean?

Enquiries = % of enquiries received on TheMoveChannel.com in 2013
Searches = Number of searches for “property in X” on Google in the month leading up the World Cup
Listings = Number of properties currently listed for sale on TheMoveChannel.com
Price (12m/6m) = House price movement in the last 12 or 6 months, according to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index Q1 2014

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