Top 10: All the Presidents’ houses

    With the 2012 US Presidential Elections only days away, all the world's spotlights are fixed on America. But while Barack Obama and Mitt Romney duke it out to see who gets to live in the White House for the next four years, looks back at the all the Presidents' houses and picks out the best.

    Here are the top 10 Presidential properties.


    Greenwood Avenue

    Photo credit: Sean Marshall

    Town: Chicago

    Resident: President Barack Obama

    Many years after Barack Obama moved out of his student apartment, which was up for sale earlier this year , the future President picked up this impressive pad in Chicago. Spanning 6,199 square feet, the two-floor home was listed with a Presidential price tag of $1.65m. But Obama almost didn't get elected at all when it emerged that he bought it for $300k cheaper because he could not afford an adjacent lot, just as one supporter, Tony Rezko, bought it – and then sold it to Obama for $100k a few months later. The President later called it "a bone-headed mistake", according to ABC .



    Photo credit: Rob Albright

    Town: Maine

    Resident: George W. Bush

    The Bush Family have owned this expansive estate for over 100 years. Serving as a retreat on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the property, near Kennebunkport, boasts nine bedrooms, four sitting rooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a boat house – more than enough room for the family's guests, who ranged from Margaret Thatcher and Nicolas Sarkozy to even Mikhail Gorbachev.


    Hilton Head

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    Address; South Carolina

    Resident: Bill Clinton

    Long before the White House and the scandal that came with it, Bill Clinton was a governor in Arkansas – just the kind of man who would rent this cosy getaway on Hilton Head Island. The five-bed property even welcomed him back again during his election race, where he reportedly practised his inauguration speech. The home boasts panoramic views of the coast and a private swimming pool. Does it get your vote? You can buy it now for $3.45m .


    San Geronimo Ranch

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    Address: Coahuila

    Resident: Dwight. D. Eisenhower

    This huge Mexican ranch was the rural retreat of choice for Eisenhower. The lot spans a total of 50,000 square feet, providing more than enough space for Presidential activities, such as landing a plane in your own private hangar – and, while you're at it, inviting legendary aviator Charles Lindberg over for tea.


    Hollywood Hills

    Photo credit:

    Address: Los Angeles

    Resident: Ronald Reagan

    You can tell straight away from the address which President lived in a house like this: movie star, radio actor, politician and TV celebrity Ronald Reagan. Boasting five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a tennis court, swimming pool and wine cellar, plus a 360-degree panorama of Hollywood Hills, Reagan's LA residence may not have been the White House, but it was no less glamorous. Fancy living like Ronald Reagan? You can: the home is now up for sale with an asking price of $10 million.


    Beaver Creek

    Photo credit: Zillow

    Address: Colorado

    Resident: Gerald Ford

    9,500 square feet. Seven bedrooms. One swimming pool. And a ski slope on the doorstep. There's not much to dislike about President Jerry's old home. Indeed, the ski-in/ski-out property was snapped up by wily investor Kevin Hayes just a few months after Ford passed away in 2007 for $6.6million. Several renovations later and Hayes placed it back on the market in 2008. The asking price? A cool $14.9 million.


    La Casa Pacifica

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    Address: California

    Resident: Richard Nixon

    One of the few hideaways where Richard Nixon could escape from Watergate, La Casa Pacifica was the place where the President found peace and quiet. The mansion, with its Spanish-style decor, hosted guests such as Franklin D. Roosevelt before Nixon even entered the picture. How? It used to belong to a Democratic Party backer, from whom the President purchased the home in 1969. It also had a supporting role in the exterior scenes for the film Frost/Nixon.


    Camp Hoover

    Photo credit: O2BHiking

    Address: Thurmont

    Resident: President Hoover

    Camp David has been the official Presidential retreat for years, but before that came Camp Hoover – or Rapidan Camp. The wooded estate, built in the 1920s, was President Hoover's favourite getaway thanks to its wooded landscape and, most important of all, a river full of fresh trout.


    Hyde Park on Hudson

    Photo credit: Ad Meskens

    Address: Hyde Park

    Resident: Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Not to be confused with London's Hyde Park, New York's town was the home of Roosevelt, who used to return there for a few months each year, earning the house the nickname the "Summer White House". During his stays, he welcomed guests from around the world, including most notably King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. They ate hot dogs on the porch.


    White House

    Photo credit: Toptechwriter

    Address: Washington D.C.

    Resident: ????


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