Top 10 haunted houses in the world

    Top 10 haunted houses

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    With Halloween on the horizon, property buyers should be wary of the history of any house they find. Homes with a horrific past could come with a lower price tag, while a regular haunting might even boost the value of a property investment. picks up its torch and looks into the dark recesses of international real estate to hunt some truly terrifying property.

    Here are the top 10 haunted houses in the world:

    Jamaica Inn, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall  

      Jamaica Inn, Bodmin Moor
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    Jamaica Inn is well-known for its Daphne Du Maurier connection, but as well as giving the title to one of her books, this 250-year-old inn has a history of haunted happenings. Noises in the courtyard and a man who walks through the empty corridors at night are just some of the ghostly remnants of the pirates and smugglers who used to reside in Cornwall’s spooky public house.

    The Amityville House, New York

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    America’s most famous haunted house is that of Amityville fame. Featured in several films, Amityville's horror story dates back to a real murder in 1974, when the owner, Ronald DeFeo Jr., shot six members of his family. Since then, several instances of paranormal activity have been recorded at 112 Ocean Avenue. The Dutch Colonial home was listed for sale in May last year for $1.15 million.

    Monte Cristo, Junee, New South Wales

    Monte Cristo, haunted house
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    Regarded as the most haunted property in Australia, Monte Cristo was first occupied by William Crawley in 1884. Following his death in 1910, his wife refused to leave the two-storey home for over 20 years. Locals who witness lights and apparitions are convinced that she is still there.

    Brissac Castle, Loire Valley

    This mansion, built in the 11th Century, took its name from The Duke Brissac, but is haunted by another former resident, Jacques de Breze. Jacques killed his wife and her lover, then quickly sold the house to escape her ghost, which returned to haunt him. It was rebuilt in the 1600s, but the castle retains its scary reputation.

    Spadina House, Toronto

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    Spadina House was constructed in 1866 by James Austin, a Canadian investor who wanted to own an impressive piece of luxury real estate. No tragedies or accidents have ever occurred here, but researchers and visitors have reported sightings of “something” on the historic manor's third floor…

    Whaley House, California

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    Whaley House is two-storey property in San Diego’s old town that now houses a museum. Situated on the site of a gallows, the home is now one of California’s most popular attractions. Apparitions of “Yankee Jim”, who was hanged there in 1852, a young girl and even Thomas Whaley himself have all led to the building's status as a haunted house, officially recognised by the United States Commerce Department in the 1960s.

    Joelma Building, Sao Paulo

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    The Joelma Building in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was the site of a tragic fire in 1978, which claimed almost 200 lives. Ghosts of the victims are said to have haunted the skyscraper, which has since been rebuilt and renamed.

    LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans

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    This three-storey house has a particularly gruesome past. Dr. Louis LaLaurie and his wife moved there in 1832 and kept several slaves in the property, before it burned down in April 1834. Local residents were shocked to discover the charred remains of animals and chained humans after the fire, and screams and wailings were heard in the neighbourhood for years. In 2007, actor Nicolas Cage bought the private property for $3.5 million, but then lost it to bank foreclosure in 2009. No connection is thought to exist between the two.

    50 Berkeley Square, London

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    50 Berkeley Square has a reputation for being the most haunted house in London. Built in the 18th Century, it is now occupied by an antiquarian book dealer, but legend says that the attic is visited by the ghost of a girl who once committed suicide there. In 1879, a man was challenged to stay there for one night. He was later found dead in the house, reportedly of fright.

    5 Real Street, Bélmez de la Moraleda, Jaén

    This Spanish home is famous for its kitchen, where a former owner once saw the faint outline of a human face on the floor. Subsequent excavation of the property uncovered other faces and outlines and, eventually, a collection of bones from a 13th Century graveyard. It was listed for sale on the market in 2004. Spookily, there are no pictures of the house available…


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