Top 10 houses that look like cakes

    Photo credit: Jo

    It's National Cupcake Week in the UK and to celebrate, has combined its hunger for overseas property with its appetite for cake and combined it into one sweet list. From all around the world, here are the top 10 buildings that look like cakes.


    1. San Francisco, USA


    Photo credit: Jinx McCombs

    This house, located on Fulton St near Golden Gate Park, boasts gingerbread house-style roofing, with a pebbled chimney to add to the effect. It's almost as yummy as some of the bargain properties currently available in Florida ( which are easily reached by bus ).

    2. Ponce, Puerto Rico


    Photo credit: Jose Oquendo

    The Casa Wiechers-Villaronga is a Neo-Classical mansion from 1911. Designed by original owner Alfredo Wiechers Pierettiand and later restored in the 1960s, it now serves (rather fittingly) as the Museum of Puerto Rican Architecture. The delicate fence and elegant pillars are a tasty addition to the property, but the tiny peaks on the roof are the icing on the cake.

    3. Rome, Italy


    Photo credit: Glen Scarborough

    No list of buildings that look like cakes would be complete without the Victor Emmanuel Monument in Rome. Built in 1935 to celebrate Emmanuel, the first king of unified Italy, its multiple pillars and semi-circle shape have led to disdain from many local residents, who refer to it as "The Typewriter". International tourists are closer to the mark with their nickname: "The Wedding Cake".

    4. Barcelona, Spain


    Photo credit: Isaac Bordas

    Park Güell in Barcelona is a striking showcase for the work of architect Antoni Gaudí. Originally part of a failed housing estate, it was declared a monument of national historical interest in the 1960s and now provides Spain's most unique municipal garden.

    5. Salta, Argentina


    Photo credit: Mary Dimonaco

    Salta may be Argentina's eighth largest city, but it boasts this impressive cathedral in its centre. Another Neo-Classical design, the cathedral is as pink as any fondant icing could wish to be.

    6. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

    Photo credit: Jo

    This home is located close to Jandia in Fuerteventura, Spain. Thanks to its bumpy design and white decorations, it is universally known as the "Icing House". Its owners are reportedly baffled by the number of people who stop outside to take photos.

    7.  Virginia, USA


    Photo credit: David Hoffman

    In 1918, this brick house was built by G. T. Lester in Martinsville, Virginia. Like the Victor Emmanuel Monument in Rome, it is often referred to as "The Wedding Cake House" because of its tall arches, crenellated parapet, white brickwork and layered structure.

    8. Madrid, Spain


    Photo credit: Doug

    The sadly inedible Edificio Grassy holds the prestigious address of 1 Gran Via, the heart of the busy shopping district in Spain's capital city. Built in the early 1900s, it's topped by a cupola with a distinctly cake-like quality. 

    9. Valencia, Spain


    Photo credit:  Elem

    Thanks to the country's VAT cuts , the appetising Spanish property market holds many delectable discounts. But it also holds this layered building in Valencia's Pla del Real district. Framed by the country's typically clear blue sky, it really does look like the miniature cake replica of a much bigger building.

    10. London, UK


    Photo credit: Ray Wewerka

    You don't have to leave the UK to see one particular building. Lit up at night, The O2 in London often resembles a birthday cake covered in candles. But like most of the prime property in London at the moment, the price tag would be hard to digest.

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