Top 10 most romantic homes

    Top 10 romantic houses

    It's Tuesday 14th February, which for many means chocolates, flowers, wine and romance. But if, like, you're a more property-minded individual, then Valentine's Day means only one thing: the hunt for the world's most heart-warming piece of real estate. Here, then, to make housing sparks fly, are the top 10 most romantic homes around the globe.

    1. Coco Chanel's Riviera Home, France

    Coco Chanel home, French Riviera

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    Chanel No.5 may be gift-wrapped by some today, but Coco's villa was a far more romantic present. Located on the French Riviera, this 10,000 square-foot property – co-designed by her – has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms and was built for the fashion icon as a gift from her lover, the Duke of Westminster. It was put up for sale this week .

    2. The Dancing House, Czech Republic

    Fred and Ginger house, Prague

    Photo credit: Aidan McMichael

    Prague's Dancing House (built in 1996) may seem askew at first glance, but take a closer look and you'll spot a similarity to iconic Hollywood couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Ginger leans casually into Fred's concrete structure, hugging around the waist in a rare architectural embrace.

    3. The Playboy Mansion, USA

    The Playboy Mansion, Chicago

    Photo credit: Brule Laker

    It's impossible to talk about romance and houses without mentioning Hugh Hefner's Californian love nest. The property was purchased by the Playboy founder in 1971 for $1.2 million and has since expanded across the surrounding 5.3 acres of land, boasting a wine cellar, tennis courts, swimming pool, waterfall, a zoo and, of course, its famous residents. The original Playboy Mansion in Chicago, meanwhile, has since opened its doors to standard tenants and is now divided up into condos.

    4. 800 Winnebago Court, USA

    Romeoville welcome sign

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    800 Winnebago Court may not sound like a romantic address, but the town it belongs to certainly is. According to its listing on Zillow , the area used to be twinned with the nearby community Juliet. When the two places split, the village marked the break-up by renaming itself Romeoville.

    4. The Empire State Building, USA

    Empire State Building

    Photo credit: Archana Pandey

    Home to many tenants, The Empire State Building is an iconic property for lovestruck couples everywhere. Is it the fact that they can now own a part of the once-tallest building in the world? No, it's the observation deck on the skyscraper's roof, a popular place for marriage proposals that has seen its reputation climb even higher as time goes by.

    5. Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

    Neuschwanstein Castle, Disney

    Photo credit: K4Dordy

    The Neuschwanstein Castle has inspired many a dreamy gaze over the years. Built (and paid for) by Ludwig II of Bavaria, the German palace was intended in the 19 th Century to be a retreat for the King. Since his death in 1886, the building has been open to the public, eventually inspiring Disneyland's iconic Sleeping Beauty castle – and, as a result, the romantic dreams of countless young girls across the world.

    6. The Old Post House, UK

    Pink house

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    This Dorset cottage, situated near the river Piddle, is a cosy affair. Pick it up for £575,000 and snuggle next to its open fire before retiring to one of the four upstairs bedrooms and you'll be tickled pink with affection.

    7. Rooftop Romance, Australia

    heart-shaped building

    Photo credit: Becks_fever

    From street level, this Melbourne property appears to be a regular block of apartments, until you take another look from overhead – and experience a complete change of heart.

    8. The Patrick O'Donnell House, USA

    Patrick O'Donnell House, Gone with the Wind, Charleston

    Photo credit: / Douglas Berlinsky

    For those of a less Disney-inspired outlook, this South Carolina home should fit the Valentine's Day bill. Constructed in the 19 th Century by O'Donnell, the $6.85 million home inspired the character Melanie in the classic romantic film Gone with the Wind. It was intended for Patrick's fiancée but took so long to build that by the time it was finished, she had already married someone else. O'Donnell lived there for the rest of his life. He died alone.

    9. Island Getaway, Cornwall


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    If privacy is the key to a quiet night in, this unique property in Cornwall is guaranteed to make sure you're not disturbed. Situated on top of an island by a Newquay beach, the only way in and out of the house is a 100ft long suspension bridge – a fact that has had elderly couple Lord and Lady Long searching for a new owner since 2010.

    10. One Night in Philadelphia…

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    This condo in Philadelphia is your usual penthouse apartment. Fireplaces, wooden floors, the works. But if you're looking to impress your partner with a more extravagant gesture, take them up to see the rooftop cinema, where a 6' by 10' HD screen (with surround sound) awaits a happy couple. There's an outdoor kitchen and a city view, too. In short, the perfect date – every night of the week.

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