Top 5 popular property destinations in Cyprus

Even during times of economic downturn, Cyprus remains one of the most popular countries on for real estate investors. Is it the natural landscape? The Mediterranean climate? The fact that people still drive on the same side of the road?

Whatever the appeal, Cypriot property has been drawing in overseas buyers, particularly Brits, for years. If you are looking to join them, where should you head? profiles the areas of the island with the highest number of enquiries on the site. These are the top five popular property destinations in Cyprus:


The largest city on the island, Limassol is a hugely popular destination for Cypriot property hunters. Its unique combination of ancient archaeological sites and stunning beaches has attracted tourists during the summer month for decades, boosting demand for property from both holiday home hunters and buy-to-let investors.

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The third largest city on Cyprus, after Limassol, Larnaca is a thriving tourist resort. The idyllic coast, lined with palm trees, gives residents in the town a view that is hard to match while Larnaca airport boosts its reputation and accessibility to property buyers around the world.

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Limassol region

The Limassol region is one of the most popular property destinations in Cyprus thanks to its wide-ranging landscape. The busy port and holiday resorts bring tourists to the main city, while the Troodos mountains nearby provide a luscious green backdrop for visitors, boasting quiet villages and vast vineyards that have their own investment appeal.

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Located North of Paphos, Peyia is a town that overlooks the beautiful Coral Bay. Nestled in the hills, the stunning landscape and peaceful lifestyle have seen many British tourists visit the area – the majority of them now live there permanently.

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The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia is the largest city on the island. Unlike many popular hotspots with property buyers, Nicosia is located away from the coast, but its old architecture, thriving economy, picturesque scenery and wealth of culture make it the perfect rental property or second home hotspot for families and businessmen alike.

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