Train carriage home on sale for $299k

The Cockaboose is one of several located in South Carolina, where fans of the university’s football team, the Gamecocks, have been shacked up in the nicknamed carriages, which sit near the stadium.

Years ago, a developer bought up 22 cabooses – to use their non-football moniker – with the aim of renting them out as gameday accommodation.

Things went slightly awry, but the mini-condos were parked on a patch of land by March 1990 and listed for sale with a price tag of $45,000 a pop.

They were a big success, with 20 of them selling within 48 hours. Only a handful have been back on the market since.

“Definitely as far as Southern college football lore [goes] it’s a pretty big deal,” estate agent and Cockaboose expert Whit Suber told Zillow . “Every college game day, when the games are televised… [the announcers]have to talk about how unique they are.”

A prime set of conditions, one might think, for some high asking prices. But the 270-square foot Cockaboose currently up for sale has been seeking a buyer for over eight months, notes Curbed .