Trump to fight Scottish wind farm on every possible front

    Donald Trump is furious about a proposed off-shore wind-farm near his £750 million golf resort development in Menie on the Scottish Aberdeenshire coast — so much so that he has written a letter to Alex Salmond. In the letter, Trump calls the proposed 11-turbine wind-farm “disastrous and environmentally irresponsible”, one wonders if he would think it was so disastrous or environmentally irresponsible if he wasn’t about to see completion of a golf resort a mile down the beach from it.

    Of course he’s furious, he has every right to be, but in all honesty it would be far better for all of us if he approached it in a different way. Oil is going to run out, and global warming is real. If we want to continue living on this earth, and living the lives we do now, we all need to accept that things like wind-farms are going to become part of our landscape and scenery.

    The coast of highlands Scotland is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, but it is also one of the windiest places in the UK, and you can’t build wind-farms where there is no wind. But Trump doesn’t see it that way, and the developer has vowed to fight against the “useless eyesore” on every possible front.

    Five years ago, environmentalists and those in the local community in Menie were saying similar things about his luxury golf development, but Trump won the day. Apparently, at the time Trump extracted pledges from the then Scottish government, that wind turbines would not be “destroying and distorting Aberdeen’s magnificent coastline”.