Trying to sell property? Clean your kitchen and bathroom, says Rightmove

Bathrooms and kitchens biggest turn-off for buyers

Photo credit: Boyce Duprey

Homeowners trying to sell property had better clean their kitchen and bathroom, Rightmove has warned.

The property site's latest survey, part of the company's Market Intelligence campaign, shows that house hunters rate dirty kitchens and bathrooms as the two biggest property turn-offs. 26 per cent of buyers said that messy kitchens would be offensive to their tastes while looking at a potential new home – only topped by unclean bathrooms, which were a major concern for 28 per cent.

Rightmove director Miles Shipside comments:

"Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most personal and well-used areas of the home. Many potential buyers will try to imagine themselves living in the property during a viewing and having their senses offended by a lack of cleanliness or hygiene can be a real barrier. Ironically however, cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom to give a sparkling finish can cost far less than other aspects in need of a home makeover."

"There are some important lessons here for sellers as property presentation is a crucial element in the selling process, alongside how a property is priced and promoted. Our market intelligence shows that those keen to sell property and achieve the best price should get the Marigolds on before each viewing. If feasible in this current tough market, sellers should try and cover all bases and make sure all rooms and the outside of their property create the best possible first impression."