Turku, Finland is new European Culture Capital

Turku is stepping into the limelight again – after being somewhat sidelined by Helsinki as Finland's major city – with its role as the European Capital of Culture 2011 (a title shared with Tallin in Estonia).

So what can visitors look forward to doing on a visit to 2011's European Capital of Culture?

1. Learn. The history of Turku castle goes back to the 1200s, when the city was first founded, although unfortunately much of the rest of Turku's architecture was destroyed in the 19th century. Still, visitors can visit the Turku Historical Museum at the castle which illustrates the history of the city.

2. Meet Moomin. Nope, deadly serious. These lovable trolls have become a worldwide children's sensation and can be found living and playing at the Moominworld theme park, some 16 kilometers outside of Turku.

3. Use a sauna. An integral part of life in Finland, there are around half a million saunas in the country and they're practically a prerequisite for hotels in Turku.

Source: The Independent