Brazilian land plots available for under £10k

UK buyers can pick up a bargain in the Brazilian state of Alagoas for under £10,000, thanks to E-Quity and

Even when times were considerably more comfortable than they are now, investment projects where the total capital outlay is under the magical £10,000 mark have always attracted a lot of attention.

But in the current climate, where a more frugal investor is disinclined to outlay large capital sums on even the most attractive proposition, a low cost of entry is seemingly a necessity for a project event to come under consideration.

With no risk of rental income being insufficient to cover a mortgage, land banking deals make sense in these credit adverse conditions. The low cost of entry and long term perspective make land the ideal class of property for investors who are looking to be a little more conservative than normal.

The key thing with land is to make sure you pay the right price for it in the first place. An important barometer of this is whether or not the locals are buying. And at Sonho Verde in Maceio, they most definitely are!

The project has been launched to the local Brazilian market in the state of Alagoas, where nearly half the 400 plot site has been quickly snapped up.

Now for the first time, UK buyers can participate in the project, thanks to the exclusive agreement signed by E-Quity and to promote and distribute the resort.

Sonho Verde Residence is a gated residential community, set on an elevated plateau with a lovely view of the coast.

It has a well-equipped leisure club, shopping, restaurants, tennis, sports courts and many green spaces. The pride and joy, however, is the Beachside Club, with its large clubhouse, enormous pool and private access to the magnificent Sonho Verde beach.

This is an immediate opportunity for investors who want to buy building lots at initial launch prices in order to reap the first big increase in valuation once the urban and leisure infrastructure is in place. This will happen, by contract, between June 2009 and December 2010.

Dan Johnson, Director of , said, "The fact that half the available plots have been sold to the domestic market really validates the price on this project.

"If it was seen as overpriced, then nowhere near as many Brazilians would have bought into it. I also like the fact that it's not a remote site.

"Easily accessible from Maceio – with its new international airport – and in an area where there is already development, the location is right to ensure sustained demand from domestic and international visitors," Mr Johnson added.

Plots range from around £9,000 to £18,000 and average around 400m2. All plots are sold with full planning permission and the land price can be financed over quarterly payments for up to four years. lists all its property on . This project can be found at

For a full investment pack, please email David White at E-Quity on