UK estate agent complaints reach all-time high

A total of 1,338 complaints were made last year, the highest level recorded since the scheme was set up 20 years ago and 28 per cent above the previous peak reached in 2008, according to the ombudsman Christopher Hamer.

The level of complaints is 40 per cent ahead of his prediction for the year, and comes despite property transactions being significantly below their long-term average.

Mr Hamer described the level of complaints against sales agents as “unacceptably high”. He said: “People are less ready to be satisfied in times of economic stress to accept less than perfect service, especially when they are spending a lot of money.”

The single biggest cause of complaint was a communication failure between the agent and the consumer, which was cited in 214 disputes, followed by the way an agent had handled a complaint in 163 disputes and problems with sales details, advertising and marketing cited in 138 referrals.

Source: Telegraph Online