U.S. vs. world: who’s upbeat on housing?

With the housing crisis now part of our daily lives, one would expect that Americans have soured on home ownership. Still, a new survey suggests that Americans are more optimistic about home buying prospects than residents of other countries. Could the global attitude be that dour?

The International Mortgage Trends Report, commissioned by global mortgage insurer Genworth and conducted by an independent research firm, says it just might be. The survey included interviews with more than 9,000 respondents across five continents this spring. Here’s a sampling from the findings (ranging from gloomy to sunny) set to be released Friday:

Ireland: Tough feelings reported here. Nearly half of mortgage holders expect to struggle with payments in the next 12 months, the worst reading from the eight countries represented in the survey.

Italy: Home buyer confidence in Italy remains weak. Concerns about personal finances prompted two-thirds of those who want to buy to conclude that they can’t right now.

Source: Blogs.WSJ.com