Watch: A day in the life of UK airspace

The video, published by NATS (who manage air traffic control in the UK), shows a breathtaking overview of the activity that takes place above UK residents’ heads every day.

“Each year we manage around 2.2 million movements, peaking at over 8,000 a day (although there are around 7,000 on this particular day), with only 5.5 seconds delay per flight attributable to NATS,” they explain.

“Obviously there are the flows of large aircraft from the airports into and out of the UK, but there is also a lot of activity outside controlled airspace. UK 24 is designed to help visualise the breadth and depth of UK aviation and why airspace is such an important asset.”

The data visualisation runs from planes coming in from the west to the queues of aircraft waiting above London and the activity inside an RAF testing area.