What you need to know about renting offices in Miami

When looking for a new company headquarters, it's always a good idea to look at the weather forecast: no one wants to work in a gloomy city where it always rains. So offices for rent in Miami are a smart move for that reason alone. After all, where could be a nicer place to work every day than the heart of the Sunshine State?

Located on the Atlantic Coast, Miami is a city that promises pleasant surroundings. From the blue sea and sun-filled sky, it's hard to imagine a nicer environment; it was even ranked America's Cleanest City by Forbes in 2008 No wonder, then, that Miami is one of the most populated urban areas in the US, with around 5.5 million people located there.

It is important for employees to be comfortable where they live and the lifestyle, which draws in millions of tourists every year, makes Florida's residential property market one of the most popular with domestic and overseas investors. As the US real estate market continues to recover from the housing crisis, Miami is leading the way, with sales and prices both jumping in 2012 compared to the year before.

But it's not just the residential market that is booming: commercial property in Miami is equally popular. The city is a major financial and commercial hub, with international trade and media companies flocking to take up the office space there. Historically, of course, Miami's music industry has been a key driver in the economy, while media publications such as The Miami Herald have a worldwide audience.

Today, Miami's cityscape has grown high enough to rival Manhattan. Companies such as Burger King have headquarters there, while Brickell Avenue boasts one of the highest concentrations of banks on any street in America. Skyscrapers continue to be developed in the city, thanks to its strong tourist backbone and the thriving industry surrounding the Port of Miami.

The question is: with occupancy rates at 93 per cent in 2012, according to the Miami Downtown Development Authority, how long will it be until you join the Miami rental market?

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