Why rent a serviced office in Frankfurt?


Why rent a serviced office in Frankfurt ?


Commercial property experts at ServicedOfficeSolutions.com have a few suggestions.


Do you know where the geographic centre of Europe is? No one does really, but one place that claims it is located in Germany’s Hessen district, not far from Frankfurt.


The middle of Europe. It sounds like an impressive place to rent an office, but there are more reasons than just location-derived status to consider Frankfurt as your next company home.


To start with, it is already the home of so many other companies. The second-largest metropolis region in Germany, Frankfurt is a thriving economic hub for the country: it is the location of the German Federal Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Trade Fair and even the European Central Bank.


With financial firms such as Deutsche Bank have headquarters in the city, it is no surprise that it welcomes businesspeople and employees in and out on an almost constant basis: Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the world, while the Frankfurter Central Station is one of the largest termini in Europe. And Frankfurt Kreuz is, naturally, one of the most heavily-used Autobahn interchanges in Europe.


Noticing a pattern yet?


Big in almost every way, the city’s vibrant culture couples with its commercial clout to create a truly global city, ranking near the top of the world’s most competitive cities in several lists. Perhaps most crucially of all, the human resource consultants Mercer labelled Frankfurt number seven in its yearly Quality of Living survey: a sign that the city is extremely liveable for workers and their families as well as companies renting out offices .


After all, who would not want to work in the geographical centre of Europe?


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