Wolf of Wall Street penthouse on sale

The three-bedroom Midtown property is home to Leonardo DiCaprio’s morally bankrupt but financially rich main character, Jordan Belfort. The home stood in for the 1990s boom era of American finance on the big screen but in real life has had a “top-to-bottom 21st century renovation”, reports NYDailyNews .

Photo: Richard Kaplan / NYDailyNews

Nonetheless, the property is more than glamorous enough for a movie star, let alone a dastardly banker. The home spans 2,500 square feet and boasts a grand entrance, a view across the city from three sides and a 200 square-foot terrace, which had a starring role in the film as a character is held over the railing, looking down into the street below.,

The price to follow in Belfort’s footsteps? A cool $6.5 million. Securities fraud is not recommended to afford it.