Woman jailed for messy yard gets helping hands

Linda Ruggles grinned as she strolled across her cluttered yard Thursday, enjoying freedom after six days in jail and rejoicing at the persistent growl of a mower and weed eater gnashing at her lawn.

The 53-year-old photographer left the Charleston County jail just after midnight and returned home uncertain about what the future held for her. The code violations that landed her behind bars still were not fixed, and she was no closer to having the money needed to remedy the problem.

Then, a little good luck came her way.

Several people who read about Ruggles’ plight in The Post and Courier called the newspaper offering their help. A contractor said he would shingle her leaking roof for free. Landscapers offered to clean up her messy yard. A realty group inquired about helping her with home repairs. 

Source: PostandCourier.com