World’s deepest hole now for sale

    For sale: one hole.

    But this isn't just any hole. This is Dean's Blue Hole: the deepest hole in the world.

    The void, as we like to call it, is located in Blue Hole Bay in the Bahamas and extends 663 feet down into the earth. This terrifying depth has turned Blue Hole Bay into a "Mecca of free diving", says Curbed . The record for diving with only fin is 410 feet and was achieved on the idyllic site.

    Now, the bay is for sale.

    The private beach boasts pristine white sands and glorious blue sea but because of its remote location features no hotels, no golf courses or airports. "You'll have trouble finding it on any tourist map," 60 Minutes' Bob Simon pointed out.

    But it does boast The Void, a feature that gives it a jaw-dropping price tag of $24 million.

    What would you do with it? Have a "luxurious swim in the clear shallow water of the adjacent turquoise bay", suggests the listing – perfect for those afraid of a gaping chasm in the planet.

    Ambitious investors might also want to create "a large resort or development of ultra exclusive private homes".

    What do you think? Is it a rare opportunity? Or would you just be chucking your money down a hole?