World’s largest hotel to be built in Saudi Arabia

The world’s largest hotel is set to be built in Saudi Arabia. Abraj Kudai will be located in Mecca, the site of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, which welcomes 2 million Muslims every year. The development will cost $3.5 billion and offer 10,000 rooms for worshippers travelling to the area.

The project, which will be positioned in Manafia, 2.2 km south of the Holy Haram, is expected to open doors in 2017, when the mixed development will also contain 70 restaurants, rooftop helipads and a convention centre. The design by Dar Al Handasah is intended to resemble a desert fortress, a style that will guarantee this landmark project become an icon in its own right.

Two of the towers will house five-star accommodation, with the remaining 10 offering four-star amenities to guests.

“Due to its unparalleled size, height as well as distinguished location, exposure and architectural style, the building appears as a striking landmark with a profoundly modern multifunctional identity relating to both the Saudi locality and the Islamic universality of its expected users,” reads the architect’s site.