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Scottish house prices at two-year high

Scottish hosue prices are rising across the country this spring.

Overseas investment in UK regional offices on the up

Overseas investment in the UK's regional office markets is climbing at the start of 2017.

And the UK’s most expensive season town is…

House prices have risen by a third across Britain's seaside towns over the past decade, but which is the most expensive to live in?

Scottish house prices near pre-recession peak

Scottish house prices are nearing their pre-recession peak, following a record December.

Scottish house prices continue climb

Scottish house prices continued to climb in the final months of 2014.

Scottish rents stay below inflation

Scottish rents have enjoyed mixed performances over the past four years, but new figures reveal that they have increased below the rate of inflation.

Scottish property prices slip £587

Scottish property prices slipped £587 in September 2014, according to new figures, as the country's market moderates following a long period of growth.

Scottish house sales hit six-year high

Scottish house sales have hit a six-year high, helping to push prices to new peaks. Can the market's serene health survive tomorrow's referendum?

Scottish property market is a tale of two cities

Scottish house price growth has reached a four-year high, but the property market remains a tale of two cities, with Glasgow and Edinburgh driving activity.

Scottish property prices enjoy longest period of growth since crisis

Scottish property prices are currently enjoying the longest period of growth since before the crisis.
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2022/10/02 05:44:07am