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Marbella, Spain

Spain: The property rental laws investors need to know

Planning to rent out your property in Spain? These are the holiday rental laws you need to know.

Airbnb vs traditional renting: Which is better?

Airbnb has become one of the most disruptive, and controversial, online sites in the property world. But is it worth using for rental investment? And which cities are best and worst for generating returns?

US experts dismiss impact of Airbnb on housing market

As a growing number of cities clamp down on Airbnb short-term rental listings, agents in the US suggest that the site has little impact on the housing market.
Santorini, Greece

Greece to tax Airbnb rentals

Greece is planning to tax all Airbnb rentals in the country.

Millions rent holiday homes in Spain

Millions of local tourists are now renting out holiday homes in Spain, as they become more popular than other types of accommodation.

Have you registered your Andalusian home?

Andalusian homeowners have a couple of weeks left to register their home, if they plan to rent it out to tourists. Have your registered yours?
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2022/09/27 06:08:15am