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Hong Kong: The world’s most expensive office market

Hong Kong remains the world's most expensive office market, according to research from CBRE.

SME housebuilders secures first investment from £100m Housing Growth Partnership

Cambridgeshire-based Campbell Buchanan has become the first housebuilder to secure an investment from the £100m construction pot.

What would a Brexit mean for the property industry?

Earlier this week, David Cameron confirmed that a referendum will be held on 23rd June to decide Britain's membership of the EU. But what would a Brexit mean for the property industry?

Gold enjoys positive start to 2016

Gold is enjoying a positive start to 2016, with price rises and global concerns fuelling demand.

Euribor hits record low: What it means for you

The Euribor has hit yet another record low at the start of 2016, meaning that mortgages taken out in European markets such as Spain and France are also at historic levels of affordability. Has there been a better time to buy property overseas?

Domestic buyers pounce on Paphos

Paphos property sales are on the up - but not to whom you might think...

Cypriot property popularity nears three-year high

Cypriot property is now the most popular it has been in almost three years, according to new research from TheMoveChannel.com. The island has struggled in the years since the financial crash, with a banking crisis and other issues damaging buyers' confidence. Now, though, enquiries for real estate in Cyprus have returned to 2013 levels.

Low unemployment boosts consumer confidence

A seven-year low in unemployment has boosted consumer confidence in the UK, despite the looming Christmas period.

Cypriot property prices not heading for a bubble

Property prices in Cyprus are not heading for a bubble, the country and the ECB have declared.

Eight top tips for French home buyers

If you are looking to buy property and live in France, here are eight helpful hints from Jeanne Boden, of the La Durantie development
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2022/08/16 09:34:24am