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Alternative Investments Explained: Carbon Credits

Alternative Investments Explained: from bamboo to precious metals, we break down the alternative products vying for your cash and assess which assets are worth taking the plunge for.

Financial stability is priority for expats

Financial stability when expats consider buying property abroad, according to new research.

Currency Watch: GBP/USD rates rise overnight

The exchange rate between the pound and dollar has risen overnight, according to Forex.

Watch – Why investors should always buy bad properties

Sophisticated real estate investors know to watch for clues that a neighborhood is moving from one economic class to the next. Old run down neighborhoods that are upgrading and improving turn into good investment opportunities.

Interest in real estate booms… in Bermuda?

The word "boom" is normally associated with Brazil, or buy-to-let property. But be prepared for its use in a new context this week: Bermuda. Interest in Bermuda real estate is booming, according to realtors. Indeed, "thousands of people" from America and Europe have been spotted browsing Bermudan property, according to Rego Sotheby's International Realty.

Global property market edges towards recovery

The global property market is edging towards recovery, according to Jones Lang LaSalle. JLL's latest report showed that after a dip in activity in the first quarter of 2012, investment volumes climbed back up to $108 billion in the second quarter - placing capital markets back on track to achieve a volume of approximately $400 billion by the end of the year.

Global commercial property investment up by 10 per cent

Investment activity in commercial property looked positive across the globe in the second quarter of 2012, according to Jones Lang LaSalle.

Bermuda agents hoping for foreign ownership law change

Bermudan agents are holding out hope that the government will implement land-policy changes this year to enable Bermudans to sell real estate to non-Bermudans.

Plan to allow outsiders to buy property in Bermuda

A leading Bermudan property agency has welcomed a push to remove current legislation that stops citizens selling homes to non-Bermudans and forces outsiders marrying into Bermudan families to buy a licence before buying real estate on the island group.

Monaco tops world life expectancy list

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the exclusive European principality boasts the best life expectancy in the world, according to the CIA.
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