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British passport backlog in Washington causes expat outcry

British citizens living in America are becoming increasingly angry at delays in the processing of their passports.

Property buyers sell at loss in Bulgaria to strike deals in UK

British and Irish property buyers, who purchased resort properties in Bulgaria during the boom years, are now willing to sell them at a loss to take advantage of the lucrative deals currently offered on the British real estate market, according to Dylan Cullen, founder of the Dublin-based real estate company Appreciating Assets.

British homeowners ‘buying property in France’

Homeowners in the UK who are looking to move abroad are increasingly considering purchasing a home in France.

Expats sue Spanish councillor over property dispute

The councillor charged with resolving the illegal homes issue affecting expats in Spain's Almanzora Valley is being sued by British homeowners.

30 percent of Brits choose same holiday every year

A recent survey from travel comparision site travelsupermarket.com has found that many British people choose to holiday in the same destination every year for their annual vacation.

British workers face huge income losses on retirement

Lack of savings will see the majority of British households retire with a 60 per cent income loss, says a new report by a leading London think tank.

US wishes Brits were ‘more British’

They can't get enough of our accents and they find our landscapes 'quaint' but 71 per cent of American tourists visiting our green and pleasant land wish we'd be a bit, well, more British...
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2022/10/06 11:36:40am