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Eight top tips for French home buyers

If you are looking to buy property and live in France, here are eight helpful hints from Jeanne Boden, of the La Durantie development

Direct debits could cost you more on insurance

Monthly direct debits could cost you significantly more on your insurance, the Financial Conduct Authority has warned.

Moving to San Diego: Sure, Why Not?

There are a lot of reasons to move to San Diego. In terms of real estate, there’s some great stuff if you know how and where to look for it...

Solihull is best place to live in UK

Solihull is the best place to live in the UK, according to new research from uSwitch. The price comparison site’s Quality...

Brits insure houses more than spouses

People insure their houses more than their spouses, according to new research.

Seven simple ways to cut the cost of home contents insurance

It is important to distinguish between buildings insurance and home contents insurance. The former, which is required by many lenders when applying for a mortgage, covers the building itself, including any permanent installations. Contents insurance, on the other hand, protects your belongings, from furniture and clothes to electrical appliances. Whichever form your policy takes, however, it is important to keep costs low. Here are seven simple ways to cut the cost of home insurance...

The homeowner’s guide to life insurance – are you covered?

For most of us, buying a home is the most expensive thing we'll ever do. So the thought of having to spend yet more money on life insurance might not feel like a high priority. But what happens if you die unexpectedly and the mortgage can no longer be paid?

UK home insurance rise adds fuel to the fire

Increases in home insurance premiums are set to put a further squeeze on British middle income households this year, but moneysupermarket's Stefan Mustieles has some handy tips for homeowners to reduce their fees.

Brits in the dark about financial decisions

Financial decisions on issues such as mortgages and pensions completely baffle the majority of Brits, a new survey reveals...

V Australia launched too early?

Australian aviation has landed on its feet following the global financial crisis (GFC), but Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has admitted he may have prematurely launched V Australia...
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