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How is Brexit affecting the Barbados property market?

With Brits major buyers of Barbados property, how is Brexit affecting the market in 2017?

Caribbean property climbs ahead of 2017

The Caribbean property market is starting to climb at the start of 2017, as buyer confidence and investment both increase.

Netflix starts rolling out streaming service to Mexico, Latin America and The Caribbean

Movie and TV subscription service Netflix has announced the arrival of its service in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean in the coming week. Netflix launched today in Brazil and will be launched in 43 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean by September 12.

No Caribbean insurance payouts from Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene will not trigger insurance payouts to the Caribbean islands impacted by the storm, which roared through the Bahamas as a major category 3 hurricane on Thursday.

Ocean’s Edge Poolside Residences launched in St Kitts

The official launch of the Poolside Residences, the next phase of development on the Ocean’s Edge resort, took place on Thursday the 28th July.

Caribbean sun is available to all in Antigua

From the top of Shirley Heights on the beautiful island of Antigua, we cast our gaze to one side and marvelled at the enormity of Simon Cowell’s private yacht, dominating Falmouth Harbour.

British passport backlog in Washington causes expat outcry

British citizens living in America are becoming increasingly angry at delays in the processing of their passports.

Caribbean luxury properties – what’s the difference?

The New York Times's Shelley Emling investigates the unique selling points of the islands' many new luxury developments.

Caribbean: new residency rules

7th Heaven Properties, a specialist in the sale of Caribbean properties, has seen sales enquiries up 60% in early part of 2010. Of these nearly 20% are a direct result of the Economic Citizen Partnership which allows purchasers to become island residents...

Buying a piece of paradise

Today's economic state may mean buying a dream home in a sunny tropical paradise may be more affordable... but it's still not cheap...
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