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Christchurch “well down road of recovery” as new homes increase

Christchurch is "well down" the road of recovery after the 2011 earthquake, with construction of new homes continuing to climb.

Cardboard Cathedral plans unfold in New Zealand

Plans are unfolding in New Zealand for a Cardboard Cathedral after officials approved the Anglican Church's innovative proposal this week. The paper structure is a transitional building designed to replace Christchurch's cathedral after it suffered severe damage in the 2011 earthquake. The new cathedral, which will be made mostly out of cardboard tubes, will house 700 seats and reach a height of 25 metres.

New Zealand property market strengthening

Residential property prices across New Zealand were stable in July with signs of strengthening values in central Auckland and Christchurch, the latest data shows.

NZ government faces rent cap pressure

Reports that Christchurch landlords are hiking rents in the aftermath of the earthquake are creating pressure on New Zealand's government to cap rents in the city.

Tourists urged not to cancel Christchurch trips

Canterbury tourism officials say the best way people can help is to keep bookings they have made and continue visiting the region...

Close to Home

The South Island of New Zealand is pulling out the stops with a sale...
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2022/09/25 11:33:00am