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Lenders welcome FCA study of credit card sector

UK lenders are welcoming the FCA's study of the credit card sector. UK lenders are welcoming the...

1 in 5 plan to cut back on essentials to afford rate rise

1 in 5 Brits plan to cut back on essentials to make ends meet in the event of the Bank of England raising interest rates.

Older borrowers call for age cap scrap

Older borrowers are calling for the age cap on lending to be scrapped.

Summer spending over? Start saving for Christmas

With the summer spending season now over, Brits are being advised to start saving for the Christmas holidays.

Brits getting better at managing debt

Consumer confidence in climbing is the UK, with people increasingly likely to pay off their debts.

Facing Bankruptcy? Moving overseas may help

Even if you don't have a business plan in mind, here are a few other reasons why you might consider moving overseas if you are one of the many facing bankruptcy.

Barbados most expensive place to visit

Planning a summer getaway? Barbados visitors should be prepared to part with their dosh.

Plastic fantastic: The rise of card spending

Cash is increasingly a thing of the past, as card payments rise in the UK, accounting for £19 in every £100 spent.

Rent and household bills main source of money worries

Rent and household bills are the main source of money worries for Britons, despite improving economic conditions.

UK households to end 2016 £10,000 in debt

The average UK household will be £10,000 in debt by the end of 2016, according to PwC, as unsecured borrowing bounced back.
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2022/09/25 04:38:35am