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Now only €2m: Croatia’s haunted island

It spans five hectares. It is located in the Adriatic Sea. It has a monastery. And it yours for only €2 million. So why has the island of Daksa failed to find a buyer for years? Because 69 years ago, 48 people were executed there.

Helsinki is most honest city in the world

Helsinki is the most honest city in the world, according to a new study carried out by Reader’s...

Top of the Props: Croatia climbs into the big league

Property in Croatia has climbed into the big league, according to TheMoveChannel.com’s Top of the Props. The country entered the European Union last month. At the same time, demand rose on the property portal, as the country joined the 10 most popular destinations in the world.

At a Glance: Croatia property is all about the Adriatic

Croatian property is all about the Adriatic Coast, according to TheMoveChannel.com’s At a Glance infographic, which analyses the country’s real estate just as it joins the EU. What can European buyers learn about their newest neighbour? Split is the place to be, with the Split-Dalmatia County accounting for almost half of Croatia enquiries in the past 12 months.

Nice to meet EU: Croatia joins European Union

It gave its name to the Dalmatian, birthed a Wimbledon tennis champion and inspired the French cravat, but Croatia finally joined the EU this week, 10 years after applying. The country has long been popular with tourists thanks to its stunning Adriatic shores, generating €6.8bn last year. Now, with property sales up in tourist hotspots last year, Croatia is aiming even higher.

Global property markets in “full bloom”, as Dubai dominates

Global property markets are now in “full-scale bloom”, according to the latest data, with house prices climbing around the world in the first quarter of 2013.

Game of Thrones gives Crotian tourism a boost

Croatia’s tourism industry is getting a Lannister-sized boost from Game of Thrones.

Global property investment could top $1 trillion this year

Global property investment could top $1 trillion this year, according to Cushman & Wakefield. The firm’s latest International Investment Atlas reports that the global property investment market saw a “modest” 6 per cent rise in activity over the court of 2012, with volumes up to US$929billion.

Watch – New FCO and Buy Association video guide to overseas property

BuyAssociation, the award-winning property media expert, has teamed up with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to produce an online video guide to buying property abroad.

Croatia set for 2013 tourism boost

Croatia is expected to see a large increase in tourism this summer thanks to its admittance to the EU and the announcement of a 15% sales-tax cut on tourist services which came into effect in January.
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