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Playa de Palma’s transformation into a prime city beach

Playa de Palma in Mallorca is undergoing a transformation into a prime city beach, according to agents, and the property market is expected to benefit.

Expat demand pushes up rental costs in Ireland

Rising demand from expats is pushing up rental costs in Ireland, as supply struggles to meet demand.

Euro strengthens despite slow economic growth

The euro has strengthened against both the pound and the dollar this month, despite slow economic growth in the region.

US dollar stabilises after week of declines

The US dollar has stabilised today, following a week of declines and weakening confidence.

Yen plunges as Japan introduces negative interest rates

Japan surprised the world today by introducing negative interest rates in an attempt to boost its ailing economy.

Top 10 blue houses for sale

Today is Blue Monday, which some consider the saddest day of the year. At TheMoveChannel.com, we don't believe in such things - not least because the start of this year is the perfect time to be buying a home overseas. To prove it, we've rounded up the best blue properties around.

Trading suspended as China weakens currency

Trading on China's market was suspended today for the second time this week, as the country's currency continues to weaken.

Where should you invest in 2016? Property experts’ predictions

As the new year begins, real estate investors around the world will be looking to new areas for strong returns and capital growth, while holiday home hunters will be scouring sunny destinations for an affordable deal. Where should you buy property in 2016? We quiz top property experts for their predictions...

Gold plunges to six-year low following Fed rate rise

Gold has plunged to a six-year low following the Federal Reserve's decision to raise US interest rates.

Precious metals improve on the back of ECB rate cut

Precious metals enjoyed a short-term lift on the back of the European Central Bank's announcement of further stimulus efforts.
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2022/09/25 04:03:22am