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US Fed Reserve raises interest rates for second time in three months

The US Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate for the second time in three months this week.

Currencies to watch during times of uncertainty

2016 has been a year full of surprises, from the UK's Brexit vote to US presidential election. Which currencies should investors be turning to during such unpredictable times?

Chinese investors in Cyprus catch up with Russians

A growing number of Chinese investors are turning to the Cypriot property market, catching up with Russian buyers.

Algarve property prices rise for first time since 2008

Algarve property prices have risen for the first time since 2008, drawing more buyers back to Portugal's sunny coast.

Meet the Bank of England’s new fiver

The Bank of England today unveiled a brand new five pound note, the first UK note to be printed on plastic.

Euro falls for first time in four days

The euro fell against major currencies this morning for the first time four days, as speculation grows surrounding potentially lower interest rates.

Detroit: Don’t believe the bad press

Detroit can still deliver the goods for property investors. We go behind the news headlines with one firm and discover a market that remains a strong investment opportunity.

Russian ruble set for positive rebound?

The Russian ruble is showing signs of a positive rebound this month, but will it last?

Gold enjoys positive start to 2016

Gold is enjoying a positive start to 2016, with price rises and global concerns fuelling demand.

Euro strengthens despite slow economic growth

The euro has strengthened against both the pound and the dollar this month, despite slow economic growth in the region.
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2022/08/18 08:29:18pm